Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1001 Ways To Stop Smoking

ways to stop smoking 

Are you smoker? want to quit smoking?want to know ways to quit smoking?
To be able to quit smoking, it takes guts a brave man. Why? Because to quit smoking, the main thing is truly mental healthy. That is mental of a courageous man who isn’t want to forever depend on a healthy vandal named cigarettes.
Many say, it is hard to quit smoking. But that’s not something impossible if you have the determination and desire is really strong. My focus, to be able to quit smoking is a mental and psychological problems. Why? because we will fight against the “addiction” to smoking.
On the one hand, we really want to enjoy one last cigarette rod. But on the other side we ask, when will we be stopped from something useless, if kept this way.
I wouldn’t say it is easy for the formation of this mentality, because I also never mengalamiya. But I do have experience and good planning to start up smoking with something small.
I can quit smoking in just four weeks. Ok, I’ll share with you my experience to quit smoking.
Before we start our 4 week program to quit smoking, we will try to program our mindset so as not to be a loser.
  • The first thing to do is mental improvement. Be assured that you are the owner himself mentally brave and you will be able to quit smoking.
  • Most people are smoking, because it feels more force if they smoke cigarettes. We must make sure that the style really isn’t a cigarette.
Now, Let’s begin the practice,
  • Try changing how you interact. From now on you should try to approach and interact more with people who do not smoke. Also try your search for a friend who is doing the fighting are also programs to quit smoking.
  • In the first week, try to always try to reduce the quantity of cigarettes smoked. At a minimum, you remove one cigarette every day.
  • In the second week you will start to feel uncomfortable with the cigarette. Why? the effect of sports works best for your body.
  • The third weeks, you have to start cleaning yourself from nicotine. One thing I do is drink soda milk. Maybe you can look for other alternatives.
  • Begin your life without smoke.
Hopefully you succeeded in running the program stops smoking. Since I have been doing. So can you. Be confident!

Easiest Ways to Achieve Good Health

First of all, good health does not mean having six packs of abs. instead it means that you are not sick, you are not always tired and you have no problem with your daily workings. I am going to give you some tips to gain a good health. All the suggestions I gave here are common in most health related articles. But I explain here how you can follow them easily without having too much trouble.

1. Exercise
To get a good health, you do not have to spend your day in a gym. You can start with very simple exercise. The best thing is walking. You can start with 15 minutes of walking and follow it for 3-4 weeks. If you cannot do it every day, try at least 3-4 days per week. After a few weeks, increase the timing to 25-30 minutes. Do not walk too slowly. It is better if you can maintain fix timing. For example, if you start at evening, try to continue with evening. Do not alter the time unless you really have to. If you get a chance, you can try light running or swimming. These two are even better than walking.

2. Eating
Your food is very important for keeping your body in good shape. You already know the types of foods that give you fat. So it’s better if you can avoid them. But I am not asking you to leave all of those foods forever. I am also not suggesting you to maintain a food chart. What you need to do is to try to reduce the amount of the rich foods that you used to eat. You can start by eating one burger less in a week. Try do reduce one item per week. There is no meaning of quitting all of your favorite foods, just reduce the quantity.

3. Sleeping
If the first two work for your body, then this one works for you mind. To get a good health, you must have a good sleep. First of all, you have to sleep for at least 6 hours a day, but 8 is better. And always go to sleep in a fixed time.
Do not think of depressing events while you are trying to sleep. Try to avoid tension too. Instead, think something nice and calm. Over sleeping is as bad as less sleeping. There are other relevant things regarding to good health, but these are the most important and effective ones. Follow them accordingly and you will have a happy life very soon.

Importance Relax Before Making Love

What if when sex lasts one among couples do not feel comfortable or even depressed? Of course it will cause an unhealthy relationship.
Therefore, it is important to mencipatkan atmosphere relaxed and comfortable before having sex. That way, the enjoyment and satisfaction would be equally achieved by each party (husband and wife) of these sexual activities.
Make sure you and your partner feel comfortable before having sex. How could vary, could with bath together, romantic dinner or other activity that can make you both comfortable with that togetherness.
Basically, sex must be approved by both parties (husband and wife). Therefore, you should make kesepatan before sexual activity took place. Because if one party refused to reason, then sexual activity would only satisfy one side, while the half-hearted partner sex melakoni it.
Melt the atmosphere with chat
It’s much more fun if each of you each express a desire to get from your partner when sexual activity took place. That way, each of you will reach the pleasure as expected.
With talk before having sex will give you both for evaluating deficiencies when couples have sex. True to what you both like and dislike of sexual activity conducted will bring comfort while “battle bed” occurs.
Sometimes foreplay is often a forgotten activity. In fact, pre-intercourse activity can also be a round where you and your spouse can each “heat up” with each other before getting into intercourse, as well as “savings” for the adrenaline rushing when reaching climax

Tumor Throat or Nasopharynx Carcinoma

Tumor throat (thе medical term Nasopharynx carcinoma), a tumor thаt arises іn thе area between throat thе top аnd back οf thе nasal cavity (naso = nose, pharynx = throat).
Throat tumor іѕ thе mοѕt common tumors found іn thе field οf ENT.
Thеrе аrе several causes οf throat tumors:
1. A particular rасе οr nation
-thеrе аrе several races / specific nations thаt hаνе a tendency throat tumor incidence. Generally occur іn mainland China area.
2. Food
-several studies ѕау thаt thе food іѕ preserved (wіth fogging / curing) аnd υѕе preservatives (lіkе MSG), whісh іѕ consumed fοr long periods οf time.
3. Virus
-іn thе study thаt thе virus саn cause throat tumors called epstein-bar virus.
4. Heredity
-thеrе аrе ѕοmе family history οf throat tumor.
Signs аnd throat tumors symptoms οf common tumors arising іn thе throat іѕ a disturbance іn thе nose (mild congestion аnd nosebleeds), disturbances іn thе ear (ear feels full), lump іn thе neck (starting frοm thе ketch аnd growing sometimes іt οftеn іѕ found аѕ thе first symptom).
Besides, thе examination ѕhουld bе conducted іn areas throat (directly). Whеn thіѕ tool іѕ gοοd enough examination using endoscopy (nasofaringoskopi medical term) аnd tumor biopsies performed (οn thе suspected area) tο know thе type οf tumor (аѕ іt wіll dο wіth thе way treatment).
One аlѕο carried out thе examination wіth CT images Throat (Nasofaring), tο see thе extent οf tumor development. Cаn аlѕο bе a special blood test (antibodies) against viral throat tumors (a medical examination οf immunoglobulin (Ig), IgA anti-EA аnd Ig anti-VCA).
Treatment wіll bе a grеаt success іf thе tumor саn bе identified early аnd аt thе condition οf thе body іѕ still fit.
Treatment іѕ generally performed οn tumor irradiation (Radiotherapi term) аnd аlѕο wіth tumor drug injection (Kemotherapi term).

Caffeine, Energy and Sport Perfomance

152939382 1bf8518e33 Caffeine, Energy & Sports PerformanceStud­ies have shown that 200 to 350 mil­ligrams (mg) of caf­feine helped some peo­ple have more endurance. This may be because caf­feine pro­motes the use of body use fat as fuel instead of glyco­gen (stored sugar). Or, caf­feine may sim­ply lessen the feel­ing of fatigue.Coffee was shown to cause the release of fat from fat cells, spar­ing mus­cle glyco­gen. Some marathon run­ners will drink a cup of cof­fee before a race to avoid “hit­ting the wall.” The the­ory behind this is that, glyco­gen is the pri­mary source of energy in the mus­cles, whereas body fat is used as a sec­ondary energy source. Once mus­cle glyco­gen reserves are used up — after 2 hours of vig­or­ous aer­o­bic activ­ity — body fat comes more into play as an energy source, but body fat is not as eas­ily uti­lized dur­ing exer­cise. Vin­son & Dab­bagh, Nut Research 1998; 18 (6): 1067 – 75.

But not every­one ben­e­fits from caf­feine. Some ath­letes feel too jit­tery or ner­vous to do their best dur­ing sports activ­i­ties. .In mod­er­a­tion, caf­feine may give you a men­tal edge for com­pet­ing. It may boost your mood and moti­vate you to work­out more reg­u­larly. What are the risks? Caf­feine can cause you to over­look the fact that your body needs more rest to repair and grow your mus­cles. Lis­ten to your body and take time to recover from work­outs. Caf­feine is also a diuretic which means it can make you pee more than usual. Drink extra liq­uids for 2 to 3 days before com­pe­ti­tion to avoid dehy­dra­tion. You need to deter­mine the right amount of caf­feine for you and take it at the right time before exer­cis­ing. High lev­els of caf­feine use, such as 800 mg per day, have been banned by the Inter­na­tional Olympic Com­mit­tee and other insti­tu­tions. Most peo­ple can stay in the allowed lim­its by tak­ing less than 350 mg per day.
How much caf­feine is in food and drinks? Caf­feine con­tent in mil­ligrams (mgs):
Cof­fees: 8 oz. cup of brewed cof­fee (130 to 175 mgs.); 8 oz. cup of instant cof­fee (70 to 135 mgs); 5 oz. cup of espresso (150 mgs.); 8 oz. cup of decaf­feinated brewed cof­fee (3 to 6 mgs.). Teas: 6 oz. cup of black tea (40 to 60 mgs.); 8 oz. glass of iced tea, from pow­der (30 to 60 mgs.); 6 oz. cup of green tea (35 mgs.). Sodas: 12 oz. can of cola, diet or reg­u­lar (40 to 50 mgs.); 12 oz. can of cit­rus pop (45 to 55 mgs.). Choco­lates: 6 oz. cup of hot choco­late (5 to 10 mgs.); 8 oz. glass of choco­late milk (10 mgs.) 1 oz. bak­ing choco­late (35 mgs.); 1 oz. semi-sweet choco­late (20 mgs.); 2 oz. sweet choco­late (15 mgs.) .Med­i­cines: Allergy and cold pills (15 to 30 mgs.) ; Diuret­ics (water pills) (200 mgs.); Appetite sup­pres­sants (150 to 200 mgs.); Pain reliev­ers (30 to 130 mgs.). Start with a small amount if you decide to use it, 50 to 100 mgs of caf­feine and slowly increase the dose. Most ath­letes get the best results by tak­ing 100 to 300 mg of caf­feine two hours before work­ing out. Another way to fig­ure out the opti­mal amount of caf­feine is to take it accord­ing to how much you weigh. Aim for 2 to 4 mg of caf­feine for each kilo­gram (kg) (2.2 lbs.) of body weight. Divide your weight in pounds by 2.2 to fig­ure out how much you weigh in kilo­grams. For exam­ple, a 150-pound ath­lete who weighs approx­i­mately 77 kilo­grams and could con­sume 140 to 320 mgs of caf­feine.

Keeping Fit, Even With Seasonal Allergies

sneeze Keeping Fit, Even With Seasonal AllergiesAt last, sum­mer is here and it makes you want to get out­doors and go for a run.   But for fit­ness seek­ers who suf­fer from sea­sonal aller­gies, the balmy sum­mer days can mean a blast of sea­sonal allergies.

Allergy symp­toms are trig­gered by our own immune system’s effort to expel a for­eign sub­stance, such as pollen, dust or ani­mal dan­der. When an aller­gen finds its way in to the body, spe­cial cells, called mast cells release his­t­a­mine and other chem­i­cals, which ini­ti­ate reac­tions designed to dis­lodge the anti­gen, includ­ing sneez­ing, and water­ing of the eyes and nose. The symp­toms of aller­gies, runny nose, itchy eyes, sneez­ing and snif­fling, can make any allergy suf­ferer mis­er­able. For me, the lead­ing OTC non-drowsy allergy rem­edy, Clar­itin (lora­ti­dine), wasn’t non-drowsy. It was sleep-inducing. And Zyrtec (cet­i­rizine) and Benadryl (diphen­hy­dramine) were even worse for me, caus­ing a brain-fog that made it dif­fi­cult to func­tion dur­ing the day. So began my quest for alter­na­tive reme­dies for sea­sonal aller­gies. Here are some all-natural allergy strate­gies that can help keep your fit­ness pro­gram on track.

Tim­ing Your Workout
Get famil­iar with the local daily pollen counts and make a note of the days when you expe­ri­ence allergy symp­toms. Then armed with that knowl­edge, along with the daily pollen counts, you can plan out­door activ­i­ties when and where you are least likely to expe­ri­ence allergy prob­lems. Con­sider indoor fit­ness activ­i­ties  (swim­ming, Tai Chi or weight train­ing) when pollen counts are at the high­est. You’re more prone to allergy woes if you’re stressed or jet lagged, because a weak­ened immune sys­tem is more sen­si­tive to aller­gens.  Accord­ing to the Amer­i­can Acad­emy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunol­ogy, pollen counts are high­est from before sun­rise and until late morn­ing. Adjust the tim­ing of your out­door exer­cise rou­tine and try to avoid stren­u­ous activ­ity between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.  Wrap around sun­glasses can help shield your eyes from aller­gens. Sum­mer rain­storms can lower the lev­els of pollen in the air.  Cooler, wet­ter weather low­ers pollen counts, too.

Breathe In Through the Nose

 Keeping Fit, Even With Seasonal AllergiesBreathe in through the nose as much as pos­si­ble. Your nasal pas­sages fil­ter, moisten and warm the air you breathe. Of course there can be times where your instinct will be to inhale through your nose and mouth, but it’s still a good prac­tice to favor your nose when you inhale. You don’t need to entirely avoid breath­ing through your mouth.  Nose inhala­tion tends to pro­mote healthy breath­ing and slower and deeper breaths.

Min­i­mize Post-exercise Allergies
After get­ting home from out­door exer­cise, take a shower, wash your hair and change clothes. You’ll be wash­ing away the aller­gens that have clung to your cloth­ing or hair dur­ing out­door exer­cise. Shut­ting win­dows, run­ning the air con­di­tion­ing and using a Neti Pot to flush the nose with saline solu­tion, can clear the nasal pas­sages of any remain­ing aller­gens.