Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keeping Fit, Even With Seasonal Allergies

At last, sum­mer is here and it makes you want to get out­doors and go for a run. But for fit­ness seek­ers who suf­fer from sea­sonal aller­gies, the balmy sum­mer days can mean a blast of sea­sonal allergies.

sneeze Keeping Fit, Even With Seasonal Allergies Allergy symp­toms are trig­gered by our own immune system’s effort to expel a for­eign sub­stance, such as pollen, dust or ani­mal dan­der. When an aller­gen finds its way in to the body, spe­cial cells, called mast cells release his­t­a­mine and other chem­i­cals, which ini­ti­ate reac­tions designed to dis­lodge the anti­gen, includ­ing sneez­ing, and water­ing of the eyes and nose. The symp­toms of aller­gies, runny nose, itchy eyes, sneez­ing and snif­fling,